Content Strategy Services



Tell your story effectively and efficiently

Whether you need support from start to finish or just a nudge to get things going, think of us as your trusted advisor who guides you along a new path to achieving your goals.


Website Evaluation

We'll review your website based on over 200 factors and deliver a report card, which will guide you on where to focus your efforts to improve your website. Includes an initial 30-minute consultation. Add a 60-minute follow-on discussion for just a little more.

Website evaluation starts at $350. Email us to get started.

Redesign Prep

Planning a website redesign? You want it be new and improved (for real!) while being on-time and on-budget. The secret to getting all of these things is setting measurable goals and working on the content before starting the design. We’ll make a plan to get you started on the right path, create the right content, and keep it going through the project and afterwards. This could be your last major overhaul, letting you focus on continuous evolution rather than constant revolution.

Each situation is unique, so the redesign prep package is custom for yours. This would likely include a combination of the following activities:

  • Website goals setting & strategy statement facilitation
  • Domain & content modeling
  • Content design facilitation
  • RFP and agency selection

Before you get started: Download a checklist for website redesign RFP

Email us to discuss.

Content roadmapping

Increase your chance of success by investing in a roadmap. Before you make an investment in a website redesign, new content management system, another technology tool, new app, or new digital product, you want to be sure it’s what you really need.

Through a facilitated session with your key stakeholders, we will define the problem and make an action plan together. Let’s do the right project, not just a project.

Content roadmap sessions start at $750. Email us to book a session.

CMS Selection

Is your content management system (CMS) managing your content or are you a prisoner to its quirks and limitations? There is no single CMS that is the best, there is only what is best for you. Until you know how much and what kind of content you have, understand your editorial workflow requirements, and know your technical specifications and constraints, you cannot choose the CMS that will solve your content management problems.

After asking a lot of questions and a bit of research and analysis, we’ll have an outline for a CMS solution. Only then will you be able to look at the products and vendors who can meet your exacting requirements.

We can support you by doing or advising you on the following:

  • CMS requirements
  • Writing and issuing a request for proposal (RFP)
  • Vendor selection
  • Implementation guidance

CMS Selection packages start at $2,500. Email us to discuss.

Content Coaching

Sometimes even experienced professionals need a little (or a lot of!) help. Traditional communications directors can have knowledge gaps when it comes to fully integrating digital channels. Managers from IT, marketing, and UX may know content strategy is right for the organization but need help getting adoption.

Maybe you need a content strategy coach. Coaching is different from consulting in that you do the work but have a trusted advisor always whispering in your ear and providing guidance.

You can choose to build a program of regular meetings or buy a bundle of hours you can use as you need them to ask questions, get advice on a specific challenge, review documents, or have an in-depth conversation. It’s your training program, you decide what will help you meet your goals.

Monthly coaching packages start at $1,000 per month. Email us to discuss.


Content-First Design

Our methodologies stem from the idea that content drives design and implementation decisions. When you create content outside of an interface, it is more flexible, adaptable, and usable. 

If you didn't find a package or service to meet your needs but know you want to give your content purpose, let's talk about how we can help you find a solution.