About Tanzen

Tanzen offers content strategy consulting and training to help people and organizations create more effective content more consistently. The company was built on principles related to making content more effective and easier to manage. Carrie Hane, founder of Tanzen, wrote Designing Connected Content (New Riders, 2018) based on these principles.

As both a consultant and in-house web leader, Carrie’s career has consisted of transforming digital communications presences of organizations of all types. In the early days of the web, Carrie helped organizations transition to digital, setting their course for incorporating websites and email into their communications and customer experience. As the web evolved, she conducted analysis and research to better organize websites and write web content to meet user needs. That work grew into a full-fledged content-first process for creating websites.

As the amount of digital content increased and left users unable to find information on any given website, Carrie’s work evolved again. She began helping organizations transform their web presence to make content findable, usable, and manageable. But this was not a job for a single person. By educating authors on creating effective content and working across departments, she has helped organizations reduce the amount of web content by up to 90%. One organization experienced a 166% increase in donations as a result of her work with them. 

Now Carrie teaches organizations how to stop the content madness. Since 2015, her company has worked to make content future-friendly by starting outside of an interface or delivery channel. Her methodology for doing this is detailed in the 2018 book Designing Connected Content: How to Plan and Model Digital Products for Today and Tomorrow.

Tanzen understands the challenges your organization faces to keep up with needing to have your content everywhere and guides you toward the best solutions for your organization. The result is that you can meet your business goals by addressing your audience’s unique needs.

Our clients share three things in common: a forward-thinking approach, a readiness to do things differently, and a culture of continuous learning. We look forward to helping more organizations find what works for them as they grow.

Our Values

Through personal interactions, client relationships, and professional groups, we seek to live by these beliefs:

  • Share your passion

  • Try new things

  • Support others

  • Create trust

  • Nurture community

Why the Name "Tanzen"?

Why are we called Tanzen? Tanzen is German for "to dance." The name is inspired by the LeAnn Womack song "I Hope You Dance," which is about living life to its fullest, even when it might seem difficult. When you get the choice to sit it out or dance...dance.

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