Designing Connected Content: Plan and Model Digital Products for Today and Tomorrow

With digital content published across more channels than ever before, how can you make yours easy to find, use, and share? Is your content ready for the next wave of content platforms and devices?

In Designing Connected Content, Mike Atherton and Carrie Hane share an end-to-end process for building a structured content framework. They show you how to research and model your subject area based on a shared understanding of the important concepts, and how to plan and design interfaces for mobile, desktop, voice, and beyond. You will learn to reuse and remix your valuable content assets to meet the needs of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

Discover a design method that starts with content, not pixels. Master the interplay of content strategy, content design, and content management as you bring your product team closer together and encourage them to think content first.

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What people are saying:

“I am reading Designing Connected Content. I am impressed - it is one of the best content strategy books I have ever read. It will be very useful for our program. Nobody should get a degree without having read and understood this book.”

From some of the 5-star reviews on Amazon:

"My colleagues and I have dubbed this "the best book ever" thanks to the clarity it brings to the loaded practice of content modeling."

"This is a must read for anyone who is designing and looking to have great product."

"Atherton and Hane clear a lot of misconceptions about content, showing how to structure content so that it is maintainable, elastic, and targeted."

"If you are working on a website redesign, this book will serve you well in making sure you don’t head down many bad turns in getting to a robust design. If you are building Content Services Platforms, then you need the techniques in this book to help you build a flexible, holistic, model."