Content Strategy Tools

Site Build Worksheet

This Google Sheet template provides a guide for the entire team to get their work done more efficiently. 

  • Define your CMS content types and track their build

  • Define dynamic views of content

  • Keep track of your content inventory in a matrix that keeps you sane

Content Spec Sheets

Content spec sheets provide direction for creating good content. They provide authors everything about the content for that specific page, including objective, audience, source material, and character count guidelines. It breaks down content into fields.

RFP Checklist

If you've been part of a website redesign project before, you know what a big investment it is. Time, money, and reputation are at stake. Don't rush into the process of looking for a vendor. Do some homework to set up yourself and the project for success. 

This checklist will help you know when you're ready to send out an RFP and what to include in it. 

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