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Tanzen is a content strategy company that offers training and consulting designed to change how organizations approach content to improve engagement.



Train and educate your team about how to become user- and digital-centric. Increase competency and knowledge through hands-on digital writing classes, content-first web development, or facilitated content modeling, planning, or production workshops. Become self-sufficient and empowered to continue to transform your digital ecosystem.

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Content is essential to business success. That's why we help small and mid-size organizations set up processes that define what content they need and how to produce it. Our approach includes planning and modeling content so it can be broken into pieces for you to use anywhere and anytime. Spend less time on content and better engage your audience.

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Take a Small Step to Start a Big Change

Your mission and what you offer are essential to your story. We believe that small and mid-size organizations deserve the same opportunities to grow and succeed as the big ones. Together with our clients, we create partnerships that take advantage of your subject matter expertise and our digital acumen to deliver measurable results.



Designing Connected Content for Drupal Developers

CMS developers will learn how they can contribute to the planning phase of web projects and create author-friendly CMS installations that don’t suck.

September 14, 2018
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Fairfax, VA

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Talks & Workshops

Upcoming and recent talks by Carrie Hane.

UXPA International Webinar
August 16, 2018
Using Content as Design Material

UX Lisbon
May 22-25, 2018
Lisbon, Portugal
Workshop: Designing Connected Content

IA Summit
March 2018
Chicago, IL
Connected Content: The Future of Information

Dot All Conference
October 2017
Portland, OR
Content Strategy: The Method Behind the Madness

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