On Blogging Hiatus - Will Be Back

It occurred to me last week while I was at Content Marketing World meeting people and sharing my ideas about how structured content lets you do more with less, that I may have new visitors to my blog. And they might think, "Why bother? She hasn't updated it since June 20." 

There is a good reason for that: I'm writing a book! And that is taking up all my spare brainpower. Maybe now you're thinking, "Oooh, a book! What's it about?"

It's called Designing Connected Content: Plan and Model Digital Products for Today and Tomorrow. The short story is it's about modeling, structured content, and a content-first process that helps you meet today's challenges of a crowded marketplace and prepares you for whatever is coming. And you can be sure that the next generation of people and devices is different than any we've seen before – except in the movies.

Designing Connected Content - Available December 15 

Designing Connected Content - Available December 15 

Stay tuned for more announcements as my co-author, Mike Atherton, and I finish our writing and editing and we have a release date. In the meantime, you can see more about what we're talking about in this Roundup post (we previously called it "Future-Friendly Content").

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