Content Strategy Trends of 2018

I can’t believe we’re nearly at the end of 2018! How has the year gone for you?

When I look back on the year, I realize how fortunate I was to work with awesome people, both as clients and collaborators. More people than ever are recognizing the value of content strategy, which makes me very happy.

Here are some of the trends I’m seeing:

Content is a core component of any organization

More people than ever are recognizing the need to bring their team’s content strategy skills up to date with team training. With so many people finding themselves responsible for creating or managing content, they are eager to learn the finer points and apply them.

One attendee had this to say after one of our workshops: “The activities and exercises we did each served an important purpose, getting us to see how each of us fit in the puzzle.” I’m happy to customize a workshop for your needs - and help you sell it to your boss.

Design starts with content

People don’t visit your website or use your product because it is pretty. They want to get something done or find information. That means starting with content that fits user needs. And then using that content as the material of the design. Have you made content the top priority in your systems and processes?

Content strategy tools are needed more than ever before

Content strategy is a practice that crosses many areas in an organization. Tools and templates are handy whether you are in the midst of CMS requirements, want to help authors create structured content, or getting ready to write an RFP. What tools do you wish you had?

At the start of the year, I asked out loud, When will content be first? For the first time, I’ve seen a distinct upward trend toward the adoption of content-first design processes. Have you noticed too? Anything you’d like to know about designing with content? As always, add your comments to share what’s on your mind.