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Tell your story effectively and efficiently

You want to engage with your target audience - members, customers, donors, staff, citizens. Whatever you call them, they need something that you can provide. But how?


Enter content strategy: A plan for getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

But figuring out who the right people are and what they want is both art and science. Add when and where they want the information and you can quickly go down some long, winding rabbit holes. Oh and mapping those needs to your business goals.

Never fear, we’re here to help!  

Tanzen offers bespoke content strategy consulting and training services for organizations that are ready to tame their content chaos. We’ve worked with non-profits, associations, health-care technology product companies, and others who were ready to make their content more effective and easier to manage.

Not sure where to start? That’s OK! It’s part of what we do: Help you figure out where to start. Here are a few things that we’ve done together with our clients:

  • Pilot project to get a feel for content-first website design – this led to doing that for their main website, which is now being implemented and due to go live in the fall

  • Roadmapping to find the right path forward, including RFP development, if needed – For one client this resulted in the creation of domain and content models that allow the company to integrate products and web content to provide tailored content to a diverse audience

  • Creating a content strategy that paves the path for a personalized experience to build trust and loyalty for their members to feel empowered, respected, and valued

  • Team training for content authors to create more effective content that engages their audience and supports business goals

Ready to tame your content? Get in touch and tell us about what you’re dealing with.


Case Study - NEA Member Benefits Gets Ready for Personalization

NEA Member Benefits, which provides a variety of financial benefits and discounts for members of the National Education Association, was preparing to completely overhaul its website to adapt to both technology changes and evolving member needs. They knew that having a strong, strategic content foundation was key to the success of this project and their overall content needs going forward. Their members are primarily K-12 educators – as well as student teachers, college professors, support personnel and retired members – who have different needs and life stages but all of whom ultimately want to feel valued and to be able to stretch their personal budgets further.

What did client get from our work?

Tanzen helped the digital marketing team at NEA Member Benefits streamline and operationalize their content strategy for their new website and beyond so that they can communicate the value of membership, encourage action, and help members feel empowered, respected, and valued.


Before starting our work together, NEA Member Benefits had created a messaging architecture and data-driven member personas. They wanted to validate this work and find a way to translate it to a new website that would be more enjoyable to use and help members easily find what they want. To ensure the new website would be focused on meeting member needs, they wanted to establish the content and information architecture before the design and implementation work began.


Working together, we developed a content strategy statement, personalization plan and content model that is based on member needs, helps NEA Member Benefits communicate with members in a way that resonates with them, and provides a positive experience for members via the new website as well as other channels. Their new site platform allows for tailored intimacy, gives members control of their experience, and blends human and digital touchpoints.

How we got there

As with all content strategy work, this was a collaborative effort between Tanzen’s strategists and NEA Member Benefits’ content strategist and digital strategy director, with input from a cross-disciplinary working group.

The engagement included a series of activities that built on each other.

  • Create a content strategy statement – We collaborated to draft a single sentence that captures what kind of content NEA Member Benefits will create to support business goals and member needs, and the desired thoughts, feelings, and actions by members who’ve consumed the content.

  • Conduct member interviews - By talking with members about their expectations for their membership benefits and the emotions behind their decision-making, we were able to map their needs to the messaging architecture.

  • Define a member story map – We brainstormed a narrative arc that shows how a member interacts with NEA Member Benefits based on a specific scenario, and we highlighted opportunities for the content and site UX to support members in that arc.

  • Form a personalization plan – We developed a detailed framework for how NEA Member Benefits could deliver an experience tailored to each member’s needs, appealing to both logical and emotional drivers.

  • Define a content model - Based on all information collected, we mapped the content types and their relationships so that the online experience would build trust, engage members, and create an emotional connection.

  • Collaborate with design agency - To ensure a smooth transition to the next phase of the project, we had a handoff meeting with the designers and the NEA Member Benefits digital team to explain the model and the vision for an engaging experience that encourages member interactions.

How the new site reflects their content strategy

The new website categorizes its content by topics in the way that their members think about them, instead of by product line or internal department. With the member-centric taxonomies set, they can dynamically relate content in the interface. The model- and taxonomy-based architecture is reflected on the landing pages. For example, all Retirement Planning content is gathered together, whether it’s a product, an article, or another type of content that is tagged with “retirement planning.”

Instead of calling out “topics” and “products,” which is how they classify their content internally, they use language their members use: “How We Help” and “What We Offer.”

NEA Member Benefits listened to their members about how they want to interact with their professional association’s member benefits. They polled members after the new site launched and received high marks for creating an easy and enjoyable online experience. By thinking content-first, the organization has improved its ability to make educators’ lives better.

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